Tips On Learning to Drive In Switzerland

Many youths can hardly wait to get their driving license, the excitement and ambition runs high for the thrill of hitting the road. Whether you are young or old, read on as we give you some helpful tips on obtaining a driving license in Switzerland.

What You Need To Know

Initially if you want to learn to drive you will need a provisional driving license, you will also need to pass a theory and practical test. You must be at least 18 years old to drive a vehicle and 16 years of age to drive a motorcycle. If you are newly qualified you will be issued a probationary driving license, you will only receive your permanent driving license at the end of your probationary period.

Rules on Driving Practice

If you are teaching someone how to drive you must be at least 23 years old and have held a license in the same category for at least three years. If you are holding a probationary driving license you are not allowed to accompany a learner driver. Once you are on the road you must carefully observe the rules and ensure that the person follows and respects all the traffic regulations.

Neither the learner driver nor the accompanying driver may be under influence of alcohol. Moreover, and ‘L’ plate must be placed at the rear of the vehicle indicating that a driving lesson is taking place.

Theory Test

Before taking the theory test you will need to book in advance. As part of applying for the provisional license you will also receive a letter of confirmation from your local canton. You will need to use this letter to book the theory test online, your local canton will also send you further details of the test, i.e. date and time.

You are allowed to take the test as many times as you like, the tests are  available in French, German, Italian and English. Once you have passed your theory test you will receive your provisional driving license.

Practical Test

When you have completed your driving lessons and feel comfortable to drive then you can take your practical test. Prior to taking the practical test an expert will assess your ability to drive a vehicle and follow traffic regulations.

The test requirements are simple, primarily the vehicle in which you are taking the test must be in the correct category and bear an ‘L’ plate at the rear. When you pass your practical test you will receive your probationary driving license in the mail. Given certain circumstances if you fail the test you will have to wait one month before retaking it.


FERZ SA will explain all the legal requirements to obtain a drivers license our team is committed to explaining all your rights and privileges on the road.