Immigration Laws and Regulations, Helpful advice for your Next Move

Historically, migration law was only regulated by countries on a national level.  However, over the years, migration has evolved and the law became international.  States have realized that global migration must be managed at the international level and have begun to cooperate with each other in order to regulate international mobility. 

Every country has sovereignty and can impose its own regulations with regards to its migration policy.  Each state decides the conditions of entry, stay and removal from their territories. At the same time, the general rule that international law This means that the international treaties may limit the authority of the State regarding international migration questions.

Migration law represents a variety of principles and regulations that cover the international obligations of States with regards to migrants. Migration law is not limited by the conditions of entry and stay in the country, but also includes the broad range of rules related to labor laws, human rights, refugee law and other branches. States are free to determine the rules regulating those conditions and they may vary depending on the purpose of  visit to the country.


If you wish to travel to a foreign country, you should apply for a visa, as most countries require one. A visa is a conditional authorization granted by a State to visit that country. A visa normally includes the entry date, duration of stay and the number of visits allowed. The visa process may be abolished by mutual agreements between countries. One of the most popular agreements in this field is the Shengen agreement. Most European countries are part of the Shengen agreement, meaning that those States have abolished visas or other types of border control issues between them, allowing people to travel without any limitations within this area.


If you decide to move to another country, you must consider a number of factors. The most important one is to determine your purpose and the country you want to live in. The main reasons for immigration may vary, but the most frequent reasons are, business immigration, family reunification, and studying abroad.

Business Immigration

If you have your own business or would like to move to another country and try to work there, you will need to apply for a business visa or a residency permit. The conditions of business immigration may vary from one country to another. Several countries propose different options, such as investment immigration programs or advantageous tax regimes. The applicable laws and regulations will depend on your own situation.


Family Reunification

The family members of a citizen or resident of the country in question may apply for family reunification. The main categories of eligible family members are spouses and children.


Studying Abroad

Studying abroad  provides the perfect opportunity for an incredible experience of living in a foreign country and obtaining a competitive educational background.

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