Advice on Banking In Switzerland

Switzerland is deservedly considered one of the most favorable lands for opening a bank account. Opening a Swiss bank account means taking a step towards the safety and reliability of your deposit.

The Swiss banking system’s history stretches back more than a century. During this time, Swiss banks have earned a solid reputation and Switzerland has become one of the biggest financial centers in the world.

Swiss banks are known for their professional approach, a variety of financial services and tools, as well as their stability. The fact that Switzerland is a politically independent state, not included in the European Union, and has its own strong currency - the Swiss franc – all counts in favor of the country’s banking stability.

The reliability of the banking system of Switzerland is also due to a number of requirements that are imposed by Swiss banks on their clients. Opening a Swiss bank account is not a simple procedure and requires a lot of time and significant documentation, but once this process is complete, you will be pleasantly surprised by the quality of service and opportunities in relation to your goals.


How to Open a Swiss bank account?

Opening an account at a Swiss bank is allowed both for physical and legal entities. Making contributions to a Swiss bank is a reliable way to protect your capital.

If you are willing to open a Swiss bank account, you must provide a number of documents, which may vary depending on the type of account. In general, these documents should contain information about the beneficiary, the origin of the funds and the source of income. These required documents, in particular, include a beneficiary's passport or ID card, corporate documents (for legal entities), a certificate from tax authorities and others. For private accounts, an individual must provide proof of income, evidence of the origin of the funds, and other documents certifying the legality of the origin of the funds.

Most banks also set a minimum amount that is required to open an account in a Swiss bank. This is determined by each bank and must be paid to the account within the period agreed upon by the parties.

In order to open a Swiss bank account, a personal meeting of the bank manager and the beneficiary is required. This requirement is linked to the fact that the bank must determine the main aims of the client, the appropriate financial and investment instruments in each particular case, as well as the risks that the client is ready to take on in the case of investing in the financial markets.

In further dealings with the bank, clients should also provide the fullest possible information and ensure full transparency for ongoing transactions.

FERZ SA - Your reliable partner in Switzerland

If you want to put money in a Swiss bank, you want to make sure the process is as easy as possible. FERZ SA provides a full package of services that help you through every stage of opening a Swiss bank account. Depending on customer needs, we will select the most suitable bank, provide constructive and fruitful cooperation between the bank and the client, and help in the collection of all relevant documents.