Legal translation is a process that requires a delicate treatment and a single though not substantial mistake might have a negative effect the entire proceedings. Ferz SA is proud to have built our strong reputation in legal translation services with sworn translators and interpreters who couple their professional experience with expertise in both Swiss law and Russian legislation.

Together with our legal services you can now order clear and precise translation of court documentation and evidence that is vital to any case. Ferz SA is an expert in the field for over 2 years, understands the importance of confidentiality, accuracy and deadline for your court documentation and matches each job to a subject area expert. 

The foundation for our success is that all of our legal translators take careful steps to ensure that they have understood a client's specific requests so that we can arrange an accurate, speedy and tailored service delivery.

At your disposal, there are following forms of translations:

Certified Translation

This may also be known as a Statement of Truth and a Certificate of Accuracy. Once your document has been translated we will put seal of our company at the end of the document confirming that your document has been translated by a qualified translator. 

Sworn Translation or Affidavit

A sworn translation may be necessary for official documents intended to be in a court of law or for official purposes. An affidavit is a statement in which it is testified that the attached translation is a true and accurate translation of the original document, this being sworn in front of a state. It will also be stamped with the Canton de Vaud Translator's stamp.

Notarized Translations

Notarized Translations are often required for official documents and they are more formal than certified translations.  The translation will then be declared on oath and in writing before a Public Notary that the translated document is a true and accurate translation of the original document. The Notary will then sign and stamp the certifying letter and an Apostille (embossed seal and signature of official and date) will be attached to the document to acknowledge that it is a genuine document.  This is often requested for use abroad.

Do not hesitate to contact us would you have any further inquiries.